Tokens that transcend in-app barriers
and can be used in reality


Influencer Marketing 2.0 in 2018, the era of influencers such as YouTube and Instagram has entered the new phase.

For making your Influencer marketing successful, you have to think of how to tell your story to the consumers. It is part of communication, where your content is being spread via media.

Currently, the market size of individual influencers is unsure yet, and the price is unclear, so it has not been recognized as a publicity market.

RON will be a platform for all influencers and followers (Sponsor and fan base) and will build a real publication. Everyone can calculate content’s value.

The era of influencer marketing 3.0, Influencer Economy becomes a part of Sharing Economy. Expect RON as it leads token economy in the real world.



RON’s great early investor, Patron Coinners,influencers and partners,And to those of you who still continue to cheer for us.

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Dima Zaitsev became virtual currency debit card RON ’s adviser.who has helped raise a total of 69.1billion dollars...

Block-chain startup [RON]is a crypto asset project that promotes the early realization of a cashless society in [RONcoin,RONwollet,RONcard]

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Virtual currency debit card [RON] launches technical partnership for the introduction of side-chain technology.

EXTRAVAGANZA INTERNATIONAL,INC.(The head office:Delaware,United State,CEO: Atsushi Hisatsui)that develop applications related to influencers and marketing support for company.

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Crypto currency “RON”
Name: RON / Symbol: RON

The RON token (RonCoin), in conjunction with PATRON applications, is issued for “influencers” around the world and for“ followers ” who are the sponsors and fan base of influencers.

There are 4.38 billion people, who use SNS every day. This big community is creating the cashless society and it is rapidly progressing. It is issued in order to function as a circulating currency in the economic sphere of influencers where the influencers are mainly people who have a better influence on the society in the modern age where individuals are becoming the leading player.

Wallet App RON

Release of a payment wallet that will be available in reality

RON releases a payment wallet. Here, to trading the RON itself, it is possible to carry the RON with a charge and use it as a legal currency at the selected store. Also, while RON points are used in all transactions within PATRON applications, influencers who receive RON points as compensation will not only get paid in the legal currency, but will also receive special benefits and benefits based on their Influencer rank (class) through the "WALLET APP RON"

You get twice as much RON coins as the influencers earn. Of course, you can also charge RON coins to make them legal currency (HKD, USD, etc.), and that money can be deposited in a variety of digital cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards that you pre-register with the Wallet app.
In the future, it will be possible to transfer money to a linked bank account with one tap.

In addition, we will secure the status of the currency in circulation by providing various benefits, such as additional privileges that are more significant than returning the legal currency as points.

RON serves as a payment wallet. At RON Wallet, not only you can buy and sell RON coins, but you can also charge your RON to carry around and use it as a legal currency in selected stores around the world.

Currently, RON coin is affiliated with MASTERCARD. You can withdraw money in the selected ATM in the world.

  • From the viewpoint of anti-money laundering, measures against money laundering shall be taken in accordance with the law, such as requiring an application in order to enable the cash withdrawal function as a wallet when a user travels abroad from a downloaded region. The selected countries are limited to the countries where the service is available, and the release will be in compliance with the laws of each country.

RON card

After obtaining KYC from RON Wallet, you can issue a digital card with MasterCard function by applying from the card application screen.

Whether you're an influencer who makes money from a patron app (Host User), a follower base who uses or supports the influencer through a patron (Guest User), or a holder of RON Coin or other cryptic assets, you're in for a digital card if you want to get your cryptic assets into real life as soon as possible.

Once you have deposited and locked up the wallet with more than a certain number of RON coins, you can get this digital card through the RON wallet. Once the wallet and digital card are connected, customers can pay for meals at MasterCard member stores around the world and pay for shopping and online shopping.

As long as RON coins are charged in the RON wallet anywhere in the world, payments can be made with a single digital card using the same treatment as legal currencies.

In this way, it can be used as a settlement tool in the real world without being converted into a legal currency.

  • Until your card arrives: To obtain a digital card, go to the card application page in the Long Wallet app and click "get card" to complete the application. After approval, the card will be shipped and delivered to you in 7 to 14 days.
  • The Services engagement may be restricted to residents in certain areas or may not be available in certain countries. It shall be released in compliance with the laws of each country. (If you are not allowed to apply for a card, please contact us directly.)

Road Map

December 27th,2019
Smartphone application“RON”release.(iOS & Android)
January 25th,2020
Start accepting RON token swap second term
From Late January,2020
Start granting RON point for RON token swap first term
Planning to Late January,2020
Release RON staking service
Early February,2020
Issue RON Card advance reception started
Planning to February,2020
Earn with RON App / Subscription and affiliate system / API Trading
Early February,2020
Issue RON Card advance reception started


The configuration of the RON token is as follows.

Token Summary

  • Official Name: RON
  • Symbol: RON
  • Block Chain: ERC20
  • Type of Currency: Utility Token
  • Contract Adress: 0x08de69e5e9d08bb1dff0b5a7c8cc6672df7c0412
  • Total supply: 100,000,000,000

* Define two quarters as Public: Stage A, and two quarters as Public: Stage B.
We will inform you of the future plan before the second term (2nd year).

Token circulation and Financing purposes

The usage of the token funds includes development and maintenance costs for blockchains, wallet application development costs, card development costs, and expenses related to compliance with laws and regulations of respective countries (Legal Counsel Fees, etc.).

Sales & Operation
Token Distribution

The distribution of tokens is as shown above. Lockups were performed until the company entered a significant growth phase, with RON and PATRON applications having more than 100,000, 1 million and 10 million users. We will make every effort to increase the market value by controlling the supply volume so that more than 6% will not be distributed to the market, and by executing burning if necessary. We promise to review and implement them on a quarterly basis.

Public Stage
Influencer Marketing
Team & Advisor
Third party Investor
Lock up

Our Team

Boards and advisors shall be as follows.

Board Member

Yasuo Tanaka

After a telecommunications business and financial company management, he has a national qualification of detective business and administrative scrivener. Currently studying for a national examination, a judicial examination. Beside the CEO, also in charge of RON legal affairs.

CIO of Ron HK Ltd.
Michihisa Osaki

March 2005 Graduated from Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology
(Advised by DIR Inc., October 2008)
(Advised by Grisch Ltd., November 2010)
January 2012 Joined Prudential Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.
August 2014 Appointed as an outside director of Arksphere Co.,Ltd.
November 2014 Ray appointed as director
February 2018 President & CEO of TIME & STRING HOLDINGS


Familiar with advisory services to IT companies.
Join the project as a support member.

Project support

Graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen
It also operates beauty salon management and business with many influencers.

Development engineer

Graduated from Kogakuin University
Join as a development engineer.


Atsushi Hisatsumi
Founder of Ron & Patron

Leading person for influencer marketing in Japan. Successful Patron token sale of $ 40 m in 2018. $50m Success Tokensale for Tradove, $30m Success Tokensale for CRYPTO 20, $ 41m Success Tokensale for Kickico, contributed token sales for 17 other projects.

Advisory Board

Top adviser
Anthony Perkins
Founder of Cryptonight Ventures

Tony Perkins is a Venture Partner with DFJ Frontier. He is the creator and former editor-in-chief of Red Herring magazine and the CEO of AlwaysOn, an interactive online network for technology insiders. Perkins co-authored "The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks", a book that foretold the dot-com bust.

Perkins served on President George W. Bush's Information Technology Advisory Council and he was the founding chairman of the Churchill Club in Palo Alto, California, for which he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He has been a member of the World Economic Forum's Media Leaders group since 1996. Perkins was also founder and CEO of Upside Publishing and Vice President of Business Development at Silicon Valley Bank.

Listing Strategy Advisor
Artem Gordadze
Chief Strategy Officer at WhiteBit

Result-oriented, Business Development Executive with over 5 years of experience in Product Management and Digital Marketing across the globe B2B and B2C markets.
Good staffing and recruiting experience. Currently, developing and implementing a complex digital products Go-to-market strategy and responsible for the company growth through the partnerships.

Global Strategy Advisor
Taku Tanaka
Former COO of Remix Point Co., Ltd.
(Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section 3825 Bitpoint Exchange Operation)

Kobe University, Faculty of Engineering, VCG Executive Director.

Technical Advisor
Yuta Hoshino
Founder & CEO of IndieSquare inc.
Founder of StarField inc.

In 2007, I released a mobile game "Bike Rider" as a college student majoring in Computer Science. He eventually dropped out of college to start his own game company and the Bike Rider series became a big hit, amounting to 27 million downloads to this day. Soon after selling his business in 2013, he became fascinated by Bitcoin and blockchain technology and founded IndieSquare to lead the field of the token economy.

Accounting and tax Advisor
Osamu Hanami
Former General Inspector of the National Tax Agency Inspection Department

Former General Inspector of the National Tax Agency Inspection Department, former Director of the Tokyo National Tax Agency Tokyo, Koishikawa Tax Bureau.



Payment service

App Marketing










Asset Management

Investment Fund & Venture Capital